Managers of project managers

As an Executive, Director, Project Sponsor, or any role where you need to see the entire playing field, you need a dashboard to easily show you the status of projects across the organization/division; are we delivering to scope?; are we on time?; are we on budget?; are there risks that I should be addressing with the project team and customer? Leave the guesswork behind and start tracking what’s important to you with CorePPM.

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Project Managers

Stop wasting so much time reporting up! As a Project Manager, you need to stay focused on your tool of choice to effectively plan, monitor and control milestones as well as directly work with your customer to ensure success. Reduce your time providing updates to your executive team via written reports or in-person meetings. Simply respond to an email which will automatically update your executive team’s dashboard!

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Project Team

As a Project Team Member, you want to spend time doing your assignments and less time sitting in meetings reporting on them!

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Managers of project managers

Enjoy a 360° view of your organization’s entire project portfolio.

Be aware and in control of the success of each project.

CorePPM is designed to provide Project Sponsors with the data points you need to make informed decisions, provide team guidance and take appropriate action to ensure that a project is successful.

As a Project Sponsor, you shouldn’t be focused on the minute detail of each project task. You need to define the project goal, budget and timeline and rely on CorePPM to track and report on the project health in a visually consumable fashion that will highlight potential risks.

CorePPM will support Project Sponsors to

  • Effectively oversee and support multiple projects
  • Proactively identify potential project risks
  • Define best practices to be implemented organizationally
  • Better manage project cost
  • Determine appropriate level of resource needs
  • Reduce the time spent in costly project status meetings

Project manager

Managing projects just got easier!

Focus your time as a project manager on planning, executing, monitoring
and controlling those deliverables and milestones!

CorePPM is designed to provide your management team the information they need rather than require separate written reports or meetings with you!

As a Project Manager, you have enough to worry about to ensure your project and customer are successful. The last thing you need is to be pulled into another meeting to talk about upcoming milestones, or answer the same questions that were likely asked of you last week: Have we conducted our project kick off meeting? Is the discovery phase completed? Have we finished with development? Is Data Conversion completed? When does training start? When does our customer go live?

CorePPM will support Project Managers to

  • Allow your management team to define and track the projects they are most interested in knowing about
  • Proactively identify potential project risks and display to your management team
  • Reduce the time spent in costly project update meetings
  • Track and report on the status of each project or collection of projects
  • Be accomplished and not overwhelmed in paperwork or meetings!
  • Efficiently communicate with your management team

Project team

Team work made simple!

It’s far more fun to be part of a highly productive and effective project team.
Now you can keep your project manager up to date
through a simple email interface.

CorePPM is designed to provide the Project Team with an easier way to collaborate, provide updates and stay focused on their deliverables.

As a Project Team member, you want to be focused on your assigned tasks and not stuck in project meetings.
Not that we don’t all enjoy sitting in a room for an hour, anxiously waiting for our turn to provide our 1 minute update – but really,
let’s use our time more productively!

CorePPM will support the Project Team to

  • Effectively communicate task updates
  • Easily identify task assignments and deadlines
  • Focus on task deliverables and quality
  • Provide comments and share information with the project team
  • Focus meeting conversations around support needs and/or risk aversion
  • Reduce the time spent in costly project status meetings

Together, we can achieve more

Planning module

Planning module is used to define your project schedule. Create a baseline to accurately track project deviations. Modify your schedule as required and safely maintain your version history. Define milestones within project stages and make assignments to monitor progress by task and/or resource. Establish predefined project templates. Manage rules to calculate deviation levels and access color-coded visual aids to assess a project’s health and status.

Assignment management module

Assignment management module is a useful tool to keep track of team assignments and milestones. Each task is tagged to a project stage which can control the execution of each task to ensure predecessors are accomplished accordingly.

Reporting module

Reporting module includes a collection of reports to monitor the health and status at multiple levels – Portfolio, Program, Project, Milestone/Task or Resource Assignment. Whether you want to report on and evaluate the entire Portfolio or gaze into the details of each project assignment, there’s a report to support your needs. Each report can be viewed online or downloaded and shared or saved locally.

Notification module

Notification module is used to define a list of rules upon which communications are automatically generated to the appropriate team members. These communications may be in the form of a weekly status report to the Project Sponsor and Project Manager; an escalation report to highlight potential risks; or an update request to team members to record task completion or projected completion dates.

Integration module

Integration module includes integration with MS Outlook to communicate project status reports and request and receive task updates; MS Project to import or export project plans and tasks; Active Directory to manage user access.

About us

CorePPM is the premier product developed by CorePartners, Inc. located in Frederick, Maryland. We have successfully managed and delivered over 700 projects worldwide, which led us to the need and development of CorePPM to effectively track and oversee each project’s success.

CorePartners team of professionals brings the value of over 20 years of technical and business project experience to each customer engagement. Our collaborative approach with each customer and ensuring your business requirements are understood and met is our focus. Your success is our success!

As an advanced technology company, we apply the most recent and effective techniques to support our customers in efficiently managing their business operations. We offer implementation, training and support services to ensure your return on investment is realized quickly and seamlessly.

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CorePartners excels in their ability to understand complex systems in their entirety,
allowing them to accurately diagnose problems and fix them properly.
I sleep better knowing that I can call upon CorePartners, if I need assistance.

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American Water Works Association

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